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White's Electronics Metal Detectors

Here is a write up about White's Electronics Metal Detectors, who they are and what their products are. Well worth reading before you decide to buy a gold metal detector.

In any purchase of a gold metal detector it is always a good idea to know as much about the detector and its manufacturer before you buy.

Who are Whites Electronics
White’s Electronics are predominantly a family business and started back in the 1950s during the uranium craze manufacturing Geiger Counters. Olive and Ken White started the business when the only Geiger Counters available used headphones and Mr. White quickly discovered that headphones created a problem in rattlesnake country. So he invented a better product but was told by the leading Geiger counter manufacturers that his design was "impossible".

So Ken White decided to build his own and that started a growing business that now spans the globe. White's Electronics is now an international metal detector manufacturer and is now lead and managed by Ken and Mary White, using the same successful philosophy used by Ken's father 50 years before.

Whites Electronics now holds numerous patents for its metal detectors, and as the technology of the electronics industry advances, Whites Electronics continue to update and manufacture more advanced models.

The Whites Electronics website, has been online since 1997. Whites Electronics metal detectors are available, in alphabetical order, in Africa Australia, Canada, Eastern Europe, Middle East The USA, United Kingdom, and Russia through their outlets available on site. They also have a factory in the UK based in Inverness, Scotland.

Whites Electronics have a very comprehensive website with details about all of the metal detectors they manufacture including manuals, other peoples comments and results and much more.

They have evidently gone out of their way to provide as much information about their metal detectors as possible.

What do Whites Electronics Manufacture
Whites Electronics principally manufacture metal detectors and have plants on both sides of the Atlantic. The sales area of the Inverness, Scotland factory services the whole world with the exception of the two Americas, North and South, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Whites Electronics have manufacturing, assembly and service repair facilities in Inverness to cover the Hobby (Treasure), Underwater, Industrial, Security and Military markets also.

Whites Electronics list various stories on their site of people who have found some valuable items, including gold jewelery using various white’s Metal Detectors. They make interesting reading and are a sample of what can be found with some good research and patience scanning with a metal detector.

How to Buy Whites Metal Detectors
It is very easy to buy Whites Electronic Metal Detectors. You can look over the range of metal detectors they have on site. Some are listed below with some details about them, and select the one that suits your needs.

You can order through one of the outlets listed on the site or, alternatively buy online (US and Canada only). You can order by fax, email or phone also. Whites Electronics take all the major credit cards

You can obtain a free catalog of White Metal Detectors and accessories online in both English and En Espanol

Whites Metal Detectors
Here is a list of the various metal detectors Whites Electronics manufacture:
DFX 300
MXT 300
Matrix M6
Prizm 6T
Prizm V
Prizm IV
Prizm III
BeachHunter 300
Surf PI Dual Field
Specialty Detectors
Bullseye II Pinpointer
Autoscan Security
Matrix 100
PRL-1 Metal Detector
TM 808 Metal Detector
ULA-3/Sierra Madre
Some details of the most popular detectors are shown here:

DFX™ E-Series Metal Detector
The top of the range DFX™ E-Series Metal Detector is the most complex and up to date in the Whites range.. The finest all-around metal detector.

The DFX™ has the ability to find treasure older, deeper and smaller items that many other metal detectors simply pass over.

The listed Price is USD $1099.95 although with a bit of searching around it could be possible to obtain one for less.

According to whites here are the main features of the DFX™

Multiple Frequency Operation. Hunt in 3 kHz, 15 kHz, or use both frequencies simultaneously. Best Data displays the most reliable target info, or use Correlate to reject iron and other questionable targets.

EEPROM hunting programs. Use these Pro-designed programs or erase them and create, name and store your own custom metal detector programs.

High-definition, extended temperature, back-lit display. Easier to see, with double clock speed for very fast target response.

DSF® Signal Filtration. Change your ground filtering at will, from 2 filters to 6. Use 2 for quick response in high trash areas or 3, 4, 5, up to 6 for superior depth in mineralized grounds.

Sweep Speed Adjust. Use higher settings to move quickly through an area with few targets, and lower settings when you want to move more slowly through areas where you need to get in between trash.

Hot Rock Rejection. A complete range from total acceptance to total rejection.

Big, bold VDI numbers read out alongside target icons, and White's exclusive Signagraph®. Then just flip the trigger, activate the depth screen and see how deep to dig.

Additional features include:

Turn-on-and-Go! Programs- ready to hunt right out of the box. Completely automatic, professionally engineered metal detector programs for high performance.

Basic Adjustments and 34 Pro Options. Adjust virtually every aspect of your metal detector hunting. Popular adjustments include Tone I.D., Sweep Speed, Silent Search, Fade Rate, Recovery Speed, Block Edit, Auto Trac® Speed and more.

Complete visual display information. Target icons, VDI numbers and White's exclusive SignaGraph® bar graph target signature. 3 independent and precise ways to define a target. Flip the trigger and activate the depth screen. Display size is 2 7/8" x 1 5/8"

Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac®. Tracks and adjusts to changing grounds as you hunt.

Powerful, waterproof 9" search coil for maximum depth and versatility.

Slide-in NiCad Battery System. Up to 15 hrs. of power-packed metal detector hunting on a single charge. Backup penlight pack also included.

Included is a Instruction DVD and the unit comes with a two year warranty covering all metal detector parts and labor for two years from the original purchase date.

MXT™ 300 E-Series Metal Detector
The MXT™ 300 E-Series Metal Detector promises more depth with the performance boost of a 12" powerhouse coil.

NEW! MXT™ 300 The versatility of 3 completely separate hunting programs, with deep-detection of White's 12" spider coil.

Listed price is USD $899.95

Features include:

Updated, matte black finish.

3 complete separate programs with separate target responses, display information, and audio frequencies.

Coin/Jewelry Mode: Coins and rings in - pull tabs out! The display offers VDI -95 to +94, Target Blocks coin/jewelry/trash target labels, automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert, and depth reading. Also available is knob adjust discrimination, gain threshold, plus an alternate trigger mode "pull tab notched out"...Impressive Depth!

Relic Mode: Specifically ID's buttons, buckles and bullets! The display offers VDI -95 to +94, target blocks, target labels, automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert and depth reading. Also available knob adjust discrimination, gain and dual threshold. Three alternate trigger modes allows for your personal preferences. Unique audio response similar to mixed-mode audio, a favorite of professional relic hunters.

Prospecting Mode: Patterned after White's Goldmaster metal detector! Plus the display offers VDI -95 to +94, % probability, ground phase, automatic battery check, low battery alert, and overload alert. When using the Prospecting Mode the knob adjust discrimination becomes an adjustment for SAT speed. A real gold machine metal detector designed to Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi's specifications.

Each operating mode contains optional search and discriminate methods, i.e., Disc Notch, Mixed Mode Audio, VCO and much more!

Automatic Ground Balance - simple, lightening fast, and accurate. From mountain minerals to salt water.

3 easy-adjust controls-
GAIN maximizes sensitivity and depth
THRESHOLD allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets.
DUAL control fine tunes discrimination in the Coin & Jewelry and Relic programs. Adjust the full range of discrimination- ignore trash and hear all targets. In the Prospecting program, DUAL adjusts the S.A.T. speed- an essential for serious prospecting detectors.
Operating frequency- 14 kHz.

Drop-in Battery Pack. 40-hour operation from 8 "AA" batteries. (NiCad Rechargeable system available.)

Optional Eclipse accessory search coils available.

The display you can depend on! The LCD Display screen on the MXT™ metal detector displays information according to which mode you select. The top screens, here, show the coin/jewelry mode and the relic mode. Each have a VDI number, a target identification and a signal strength vertical bar. The third screen is in the gold mode. It shows the VDI number, the ground balance number and the iron probability percentage. Squeeze the "trigger" and the bottom screen shows target depth and pinpointing of the target under the loop.

There is an instruction DVD included and the White's Electronics manufacturers warranty covers all metal detector parts and labor for two years from the original purchase date.

XLT® E-Series Metal Detector
The XLT® E-Series Metal Detector is a treasure hunting metal detector with turn-on-and-go simplicity.

With 5 programs to choose from, you have almost every kind of metal detector hunting covered. It's easy to enhance a program, too, for your particular metal detector hunting with one of 10 Basic Adjustments or even a Professional Option. Completely automatic or totally adjustable.

List price is USD $899.95

The features for the XLT® E-Series Metal Detector include:

5 Turn-on-and-Go! Programs 10 Basic Adjustments, and 29 Pro Options. Adjust virtually every hunting aspect of your metal detector. Popular adjustments include Tone I.D., Sweep Speed, Silent Search, Fade Rate, Recovery Speed, Block Edit ... and more.

Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac®.

White's exclusive SignaGraph®. What's in the ground is on the screen.

High definition, megapixel luminescent display for sharp target and depth readouts - back-lit display is adjustable for low light.

Slide-in NiCad Battery System. Up to 15 hrs. of power-packed metal detector hunting on a single charge. Backup penlight pack also included.

Powerful, waterproof 9 1/2" metal detector search coil for maximum depth and versatility.

An instructional DVD included as with all whites Metal Detectors as well as the usual White's Electronics manufacturers warranty covers all metal detector parts and labor for two years from the original purchase date.

BeachHunter® 300 Metal Detector
The BeachHunter® 300 Metal Detector is ideal for waterproof beach hunting!

Three high intensity color coded LED's pair up with three distinctive audio tones to help you easily ID your detected target - Iron, Jewelry, or Coins. Hear it and see it!

The BeachHunter 300 Section is priced at USD $999.95

Features include:

300mm 12-inch spider search coil with near-neutral buoyancy.

A Dual Frequency metal detector providing optimum detection on the sand and in the water.

Two Search Modes: Toggle between All-Metal and Motion Discrimination for easy pinpointing and versatility.

3 Controls - Threshold, Sensitivity, and Ground. Total metal detector versatility is all here!

Salt and Freshwater metal detector versatility for all kinds of beach hunting.

Drop-in "AA" battery system and battery test. 20 hrs. of hunting.

Detachable control box with hip or chest-mount pouch included.

Waterproof to 25 feet.

Headphones are hardwired into the unit, not removable.

A White's Electronics manufacturers warranty covers all metal detector parts and labor for two years from the original purchase date.

What People Say About Whites
"Took a dealer of another detector brand out today, Whites GMT, 3 nuggets--other detector, 0 nuggets. When will they ever learn to leave Ole Grubstake alone? Large nugget is 13.6 grams The three total 15.6 grams and there was a little flake and flour with it. Found in a crack the GMT found for me. Going back out tomorrow to look at moving some large boulders and check under them."

"1/4 ounce per day. Yesterdays finds with the GMT. Notice the small stuff that it picks up."

"I have used many brands and models of detectors at Ganes Creek, AK and the White's MXT is certainly one of my most favorite detectors. After all, when you find Gold Nuggets like these, what more can you say."

"This past week I had time just after work to make a short hunt in farm field. We have recovered several civil war bullets from this area, and thought I might be able to get a few before I had to head home. Little did I know I would find one of the crown jewels of the metal detecting world. An 1851 gold dollar. Mint mark New Orleans. My MXT had no problems picking this little lady right out of the field. I road on cloud 9 the whole way home and actually left the field early. Thanks."

"My husband and I have two DFX machines that we love! Having celebrated my 80th birthday this month (October), we headed to the beach for a couple of weeks of fishing and treasure hunting. The fishing was productive for my husband, and the treasure hunting with my DFX was also productive. I found 7 rings in one day! And a total of 11 rings in 6 days, plus 6 silver coins, 2 Buffalo nickels, 4 religious medals, and enough change to pay for about 9 gallons of gas! I am on my way back to the beach!"

"I started off with a Prizm II and within 2 days I struck gold-a golden wedding ring!
I have also found many coins on our acres, including silver coins. I was able to sell a couple of coins I found and purchase a Prizm III. What a magnificent piece of equipment, I struck gold again! It is a very rare gold coin, a Golden Ducaat dated 1719, from Germany."

"This summer my MXT was like a gold magnet! I found all of these rings and two bracelets at the same school over the summer. They are 10kt gold and 2 rings are 14kt gold. I called the school and told them if someone reported losing a wedding ring to call and describe it to me, and they could have it back. So far, I haven't received any calls."

"I have a DFX and it has been doing its job. There are 2 nice watches (1 is a Fossil.) Also I have found four gold rings, 2 are wedding bands, 1 opal, and 1 ruby color heart. A nice gold earring with diamond chips and some sterling silver items."

"I couldn't wait to get down there and try my new Prizm. My second day out, I found my best find ever! A 1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar in very good condition! I couldn't believe my eyes! I love the White's detectors and recommend the Prizm to anyone who just needs something lighter!"

Last Word on Whites Metal Detectors

Whites gold Metal Detectors are professionally made equipment designed to work in most conditions including in extreme temperatures and some even under water. Whites Electronics manufacture some of the best metal detectors, particularly for gold detection word wide. Whites Electronics Metal Detectors are all guaranteed of course and carry a 2 year warranty.

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