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Fisher Labs Metal Detectors

Here is a write up on Fisher Labs Metal Detectors, who they are and what their products are. Well worth reading before you decide to buy a gold metal detector.

In any purchase of a gold metal detector it is always a good idea to know as much about the detector and its manufacturer before you buy.

Who are Fisher Labs
The website, was first registered in August 2004 but Fisher Labs are perhaps one of the oldest metal detector manufacturers in the business. Dr Fisher founded the Fisher Research Laboratory in his garage behind his home in Palo, Alto California in 1931making the Fisher Labs over 75 years old.

The "Metallascope" was the first metal detector produced in 1931 and consisted of two large, flat wooden boxes containing simple copper coils, five vacuum tubes, and a few assorted components. It became so popular that by 1936, sales had increased to the point where the garage was no longer large enough. Fisher Research Laboratory moved to a small building at 745 Emerson St. in Lalo Alto. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Fisher was granted a patent for his "Metallascope." The "Metallascope" was soon nicknamed the M-Scope, and as such, became an accepted standard for all types of electronic metal detection: geologists located ore, treasure hunters found treasure, utility companies located buried pipes, lumber mills located metal inclusions in sawn logs, and law enforcement agencies used it to locate abandoned or hidden weapons.

Fisher Labs continued to expand moving to a larger building in Palo Alto in 1939. Later, much attention was given to the war effort and over the subsequent years, Fisher designed and produced such devices as geiger counters, radio communication systems, voltage detectors and cable fault locators as well as improving the basic metal detectors.

Through the year Fisher Labs continued to expand moving in 1961 to a larger production factory in Belmont California and finally based in El Paso Texas.

In '74 Los Banos in California. In 2006 Fisher Labs was acquired by First Texas Products, a large company who also make the Bounty Hunter metal detectors .

Who are First Texas
First Texas Products, L.P. manufactures consumer electronic products in North America. It offers metal detectors, as well as accessories, such as carrying bags, headphones, and search coils for recreational treasure hunting. The company also offers consumer night vision products, including monoculars (telescopes) and binoculars. It sells its products through merchants, as well as mass market, and sporting goods and outdoor retail channels. First Texas Products, L.P. was founded in 1999 by Mr. Thomas C. Walsh, who is also the CEO and President, and is based in El Paso, Texas.

Fisher Labs Metal Detectors

Fisher Labs make a large range of metal detectors and a list is provided here:
New Products
X-series Multi-purpose
F2 Metal Detector
F5 Metal Detector
F70 Metal Detector

Specialty - Underwater and gold nugget hunting
Gold Bug-2
F75 Metal Detector
F5 Metal Detector
Also a range of accessories to go with the metal detectors.

Here are sample specifications of three of the Fisher Labs metal detectors.

Fisher F75 with Double-D Search Coil
This is a Fisher Labs 75 Year Special Edition metal detector and is the latest metal detector available from Fisher Labs.

HIGH PERFORMANCE The F75 is a multi-purpose high-performance computerized metal detector. It has the high sensitivity and ground balancing control needed for professional gold prospecting, the discrimination responsiveness needed for serious relic hunting under difficult conditions, and visual target ID considered essential in searching for coins. The F75operates at 13 kHz for good sensitivity to gold nuggets and jewelry as well as to coins. The F75 comes with an 11-inch elliptical Double D search coil for maximum detection depth in mineralized soils.

USER COMFORT The F75 is light and well balanced, so you can hold and swing it almost effortlessly. The arm rest position is adjustable to fit your arm. The grip is durable high-friction foam elastomer, comfortable in any kind of weather. The controls are conveniently located and easy to learn how to use. Locking collars on the tubes eliminate rattling.

EASY-TO-USE & INFORMATIVE INTERFACE The entire menu is always visible on the LCD display. The LCD display indicates the electrical signature (target I.D.) of the detected metal object. The display provides continuous information on battery condition and on ground mineralization, which affects detection depth. Help messages are automatically displayed on the bottom of the display when necessary.

LOW OPERATING COST The F75 is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, which will typically last for more than 30 hours of use before needing replacement.

Light weight and well-balanced: best ergonomically engineered detector in the industry.
Intuitive menu-driven user interface
Large LCD screen
Visual indicators of important values such as:
Target Identification
Target Confidence
Target Depth (both running-depth and pinpoint-depth)
Ground Mineralization
Multiple Search Modes:
Static All-Metal
Motion All-Metal
Trigger-actuated FASTGRAB™ ground balancing with manual override
Waterproof 11-inch open-frame elliptical Double D searchcoil
Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
Fully Adjustable Arm Rest
Display backlight for night and low-light conditions
Notch and discrimination controls
Covers provided for both the control housing and battery box.

Mechanical: S-rod with electronics housing mounted on handgrip, 3-piece breakdown, batteries under elbow, 2-way armrest adjustment forward/backward & around forearm.
Searchcoil:11” (28 cm) open-frame elliptical double-D, waterproof.
Batteries: 4 AA, alkaline (included).
Weight:3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) with alkaline batteries installed.
Static Balance: Force in vertical plane normal to elbow 0.47 pounds (0.22 kg).Varies with adjustment and user’s stance and arm/hand physiology.
Dynamic Balance: Axial moment, 0.29 foot-pounds (0.39 newton-meters). Varies with adjustment and user’s stance and arm/hand physiology.
Sweep Effort: Lateral moment 5.2 foot-pounds (7.1 newton-meters).
Operating Principle: VLF induction balance
Operating Frequency: Nominal 13 kHz, quartz crystal timing reference
Basic Sensitivity:6 x 109 root Hertz (detectivity)
Lag Coefficient:78 milliseconds
Reactive Overload: Approximately 10,000 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) 40,000 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < style="font-weight: bold;">Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector
This is an ideal unit for underwater detection. Gold is often found in sand under water so this would likely be an ideal unit for such work.

Multi-Frequency Infinite Spectrum Technology:
The Fisher CZ series detectors send out a huge spectrum of signals that induce magnetic fields into metal objects at different frequencies. Multifrequency transmission with dual processing technology, engineered for deep treasure in the field!
Easy to use, High performance.
Excellent Depth & I.D. Accuracy.
Multi-use, Hunt Anywhere: On the beach or in mineralized soil, automatically.
Has a 2 Year Guarantee and 2 year limited warranty.
Dual Frequency: 5 & 15 kHz High Performance, Submersible, Target-ID Metal Detector for underwater, surf, beach, anywhere in all kinds of weather
New Improved pinpointer control
Improved water proofing to 250 feet

The CZ-21 is a go-anywhere, do anything, all-weather, target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet. Its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water.

Target I.D: put on the headphones, swing the search coil, and listen to the 3-tone target I.D. A low tone means you are over iron, a mid tone means pull tab or gold ring and a high tone means a coin. And a distinctive bell tone lets you know when you are over big , shallow targets, no more digging beer cans! For precise pinpointing, use the Pinpoint button, which puts the detector in a no-motion-required , all metal mode. See for yourself: If you are an all-around treasure hunter who will not settle for second best, the CZ-21 is the detector for you.

Feature: Submersible to 250 feet, Three-tone, audio target I.D., Patented Dual-Frequency Fourier Domain Signal analysis, Silent-search , VLF, slow motion discrimination, Super-hot, wide-scan, all metal auto tune mode, Push-button, VCO no-motion pinpointing, Big-target alert, Increased depth in mineralized soil, Wet-sand operation, Faint target audio boost, Push-button ground balance, Separately sealed battery compartment with 4-9v batteries (gives a solid 45 hour use), Your choice of and 8 " or 10 " Spider open-center coil, Removable control housing mounts on your belt with belt clip (included), Easy to use: turn-on-and-go, pre-set control.

Summary of Field Test (Reprinted from Lost Treasure Magazine)
Incorporating all of the features of the field-proven CZ-5 and CZ-6 with the exception of the meter, the CZ-21 should prove to be an extremely popular detector with not only water and beach hunters, but coin and relic hunters who want a top-notch detector that is totally impervious to the elements. This is truly a detector that will perform equally as well in salt-water surf as it will in a fresh water lake, a school yard, or mineralized battlefield or campsite.

General Information:
Weight: 5lbs. 11oz. - Two year warranty - Comes with instruction book - Standard Battery Pack with 4-9 Volt Batteries - Submersible Headphones - Belt Clip to wear Controls on Waist or Hip

The Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector with 8" Searchcoil has List Price of $1099.00

Fisher 1236-x2
The Fisher 1236-x2 is a silent, discriminating, body-mount 1236-x2 with a variable frequency.

With this unit, Fisher has provided audio threshold at the maximum setting so the faintest target signal can be heard. You can vary the transmit frequency of the 1236-x2 from 5.5KHz to 5.9KHz to eliminate electrical interference from nearby metal detectors. Complete with a 3-piece breakdown handle, the 1236-x2 also offers a preset iron discrimination setting, volume control with on/off switch and frequency control.

A useful feature is the variable frequency control that tunes out interference from nearby detectors operating at the same frequency, so is ideal for parties all searching for gold or treasure at the same time.

FEATURES: Silencer Mode-knocks out chatter for quiet operation - Increased sensitivity - Pre-set iron discrimination mode - Sensitivity/Battery test control - Automatic, turn on and go operation - VLF-slow motion discrimination - VCO Pinpoint Audio - Convertible to hip mount - High-Tech Digital and Analog circuitry - Frequency shift control - Patented, double-derivative electronics - Optional, 3 3/4 and 5 inch coils and 10 1/2 inch spider coil - Lightweight with cushioned arm rest and foam grip - Drop in batteries (2-9v batteries), long battery life - Full range discrimination and sensitivity controls - Double-locking ABS fibreglass stem - Three piece breakdown handle - Fisher's 5 Year Limited Warranty

1236-x2 is a good all round basic machine, ideal for a beginner. The suggested retail price is $399.95 plus $226.55 in Free and Optional Detector Accessories Total Value $621.55

Last Word on Fisher Labs Metal Detectors
Fisher Labs is one of the oldest metal detector companies and in the 1930s has some of the original patents on these machines.

Fisher Labs also manufacture Industrial locating equipment as well as walk through metal detectors and hand held weapons detectors.

They are an old established firm and one can be assured that Fisher Labs Metal Detectors will do all they say they do.

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